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Looking for a phone psychic?

At Psychic Waters we have assembled a team of some of the very best psychics and mediums from around the world to provide real psychic readings by telephone and Text . Our philosophy is to seek out the very best Psychics and Mediums in order to provide live psychic readings that are detailed and insightfull. We have focused on providing a service that is simple to use and available 24 hours a day. 365 days a year. Whenever you need a psychic reading we will have psychics available to answer your questions.

We have a very experienced team of trusted Psychic clairvoyants, clairsentients, clairaudients, psychic mediums and reiki healers who use a variety of tools to connect with your energies to help divine your future or connect with those who have gone to Spirit. They may use Tarot or Angel cards, Astrology, Numerology, Crystals or Runestones to help them in the readings. Please take time to visit the Our Psychics page where you can browse the list of psychics to help you choose the psychic that best suits your needs.

Want to have a psychic medium reading today?

At Psychic Waters we have made the process of getting a live psychic reading quick and easy. In addition we offer a card payment peace of mind guarantee – If you are not happy with your psychic reading in the first five minutes of the reading simply return to reception and we will refund you the minutes used so that you can choose another of our readers (applicable to credit/debit card bookings only)

Whether you are seeking to speak to a Psychic Mediums about a loved one who has gone to Spirit, or have a specific question about a relationship or career , we will have a psychic who will be able to help.

Please visit our “Inspiration Zone” today to kick start your day or our Blog Zone where you will find interesting and inspiring articles about the psychic world we live in. It is also an area for reflection and debate and we love to hear comments and response from all our friends to help share thoughts and ideas and to stimulate debate.

We hope you have an inspirational and uplifting psychic reading.

Love is Light xx

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare before I call?

If you are using a psychic medium for the first time you may well be nervous and unsure of the process. To get the most out of the psychic reading it is well worth preparing for the reading before you call. We suggest that you first decide which area of your life you would like to explore or indeed whether you would like to have a psychic medium reading to help connect to someone who has passed to spirit. Once you have decided what you want out of the reading and have chosen the reader you would like to speak to it is then time to get ready for the call. Make sure that you have a quiet and comfortable space to call from – you do not want to be disturbed during the reading. Make yourself comfortable in your favourite chair- maybe with a nice cup of something warm! Have a piece of paper and pen handy in case you want to take some notes to refer back to. Take time to relax and focus – you are now ready to call your phone psychic.

How long is an average call?

Whether you are having a psychic medium reading, or are speaking to one of our psychic clairvoyants, all of our readings will vary in length. However, as a guideline, we recommend leaving 20 minutes for each reading to allow the telephone psychic to be able to connect with you and deliver a detailed and in depth reading. You must however see how you get on. You may find that after 10 minutes you have the answers and information you need or you may decide to go on for longer and in greater depth. Don’t forget it is your reading and it is you who decides when the reading should finish.


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