What are Psychic Readings?

A psychic reading is carried out by a psychic who uses their highly developed intuitive skills, sometimes alongside other skills ( tarot cards , runestones , crystals) , to help divine the past , present and future of an individual.  Psychic readings give you the opportunity to learn more about yourself and your future or to connect you with those loved ones who have passed to spirit. Psychics can use their natural intuitive abilities during a psychic reading to give you helpful and insightful information to help you take control in your life.

There are many different types of psychic readings available. It all depends on the skills and abilities of your psychic. Here are some of the most popular types of readings we offer.

  • Psychic Medium Readings – a psychic medium will use their skills of mediumship to connect to the spirit world , often using Spirit Guides ,  thus enabling you to connect with those loved ones who have passed to spirit.
  • Psychic Clairvoyant Readings – a psychic clairvoyant is able to use their ability to see events that are distant from the present. The word clairvoyant literally means clear sight and clairvoyants are able to use these abilities to help people get a clearer picture of their past , present and future. Our psychic clairvoyant readings are loved by our customers.
  • Psychic Tarot Card Readings - psychics who use tarot cards are able to use their natural intuitive skills alongside their skills with Tarot cards to provide detailed psychic readings covering all aspects of a person’s life.Is there a new opportunity coming your way? Will you be meeting your true love? Or perhaps the cards will prepare you for a life-changing event. Tarot card readings are often a very popular choice of reading.

Receiving a reading from a psychic can help you answer many questions, help you understand and cope with a situation you are dealing with or learn more about your future. When you feel lost and need help directing you on the right path, a reading can help you face difficult situations or boost your confidence. Psychics have been offering readings for centuries and they have provided comfort and support to thousands of people.    

Psychic Readings in the UK by Psychic Waters

Psychic clairvoyant readings

There are many different ways we can provide you with personal psychic readings here at Psychic Waters. Choose from a psychic text reading or you may choose to have a live one to one reading by phone and  pay through your phone or credit card. Our team of experts include clairvoyants, clairsentients, psychics, psychic mediums,  life coaches, tarot card readers and more. They are on hand to provide you with an amazing psychic reading service that is friendly and caring.

Browse through the featured psychic reader profiles shown below and see who is available. It is also possible to sort the list by skills, tools used or chosen subject area. Our professional team are available 24 hours a day to provide you with insights and clarity about your life and assist you to discover the possibilities that the future may hold.

Love is Light xx

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there different types of psychics?

Yes – each psychic reader is different in their style of delivering a psychic reading, the subject area they specialize in (love and relationships , career, pets etc) and the skills they use to provide detailed psychic readings in the UK. We have provided in our blog sections details on many of the specific skills used by many psychics. Here are just some of the skills you may come across- clairaudient, clairsentient, clairvoyant, psychic medium. You are able to search for your preferred psychic by visiting the “Our Psychics” page and selecting the criteria that you are looking for. If for instance you are looking for a psychic clairvoyant reading, simply search through all our clairvoyant readers to make your choice.

Who is the best psychic reader?

Psychic readings are very personal experiences and each reader and client will vary in their expectations for the reading. We choose our psychics readers for their experience and skill in delivering some of the very best readings but each reader will be completely different and unique. If, for example, you are wanting a psychic clairvoyant reading we will have several for you to choose from but we are not able to tell you which reader will be the best for you. Many of our psychics have clients that return for readings time and time again and have built up close connections with each other. Our advice when trying to choose the reader for your psychic reading is to follow your gut feeling. If you know that you want to speak to a psychic clairvoyant then narrow the search down to just those readers however after that just follow your heart. Trust in your decision, relax and let the connection with the reader grow throughout your reading.