Find the right Psychic with an online psychic reading

Hello, and welcome to our website, the place for a psychic phone reading online. A large selection of hand picked, experienced and talented psychics under one roof.

When you think about having a psychic reading, you may expect the session to be face to face with your psychic. However, by talking to you over the phone and hearing your voice an experienced psychic can establish a very powerful connection with you without many of the distractions a meeting can bring.

All of our psychics are hand picked to help ensure that they have the intuitive skills and experience to be able to deliver accurate and direct psychic readings by telephone. When you receive a reading from our psychics you will have the same high quality you would expect from a psychic sitting in the same room as you. From Psychic Waters you get the choice to speak to many different psychics and find the best one for you.

Online Psychic readings at Psychic Waters

At Psychic Waters you can pay for your psychic phone reading in a number of ways.Amazing online psychic readings

  • Pay on your phone bill - you can call our premium rate number to be put straight through to your chosen psychic
  • Pay by debit or credit card - call our receptionists on 0207 111 6412 to book your psychic reading and pay by card
  • Book your reading online - use our secure online booking form to pay for your reading by credit or debit card
  • Receive your psychic reading by text message - simple and easy to use and can be done from anywhere

By creating an online psychic reading service we have brought together a large selection of highly experienced and varied psychics all available in one place. You are able to browse our psychics online to view their skills and experience before you choose one. In addition you can call  our friendly receptionists who can help you make a choice of psychic.

Should you experience any difficulties when booking an online psychic reading with us, please give us a call to speak to our friendly reception team who are ready to assist you on 0207 111 6412.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I call more than once?

Yes it is completely up to you when it comes to how many psychic phone readings you have. Our team have regular callers who know and trust our psychics and find comfort and insight in their readings. You may want to call one of our psychics once a year, once every month or maybe once a week. That is the beauty of our online psychic readings site that you can visit us whenever you want, at all time of day or night and choose an available psychic for a reading – we are never closed. Our system also allows you to call different psychic readers in your search to find the perfect reader for you. If you book a 20 minute reading it does not have to be taken all with the same reader. You may want to take one reading of 12 minutes with a tarot card reader and the remaining 8 minutes with one of our psychic mediums. You can control who you speak to and when.

What do I do if my preferred psychic isn’t available?

You have two options. Firstly, you can keep an eye on our “Our Psychics” page to see when your preferred psychic becomes available. Our system is updated every 60 seconds so you should be able to see when they become free (don’t forget to keep refreshing your screen to show the latest psychics available.) When they show as available you can call us up with the psychics pin number and be put through to that reader. Alternatively you can call our receptionists on 02071116412 and they can take a pre-booking for your preferred psychic. This way you do not have to wait in front of the computer for the psychic reader to come free. You will receive a call back when the psychic is available and have your psychic phone reading.