Psychic Text readings – your questions answered

We are often asked about our psychic text reading service by people who have used a similar service elsewhere or who are new to the concept of a psychic reading by text. We wanted to answer all your questions in one place so that you have all the answers in one place!!


What is a psychic text reading?

It is really just as it says – a psychic reading that is sent to you by text message direct to your mobile phone. You will receive the psychic reading as a normal text message to read at your leisure.

Psychic text readings


How can a psychic reader do a psychic reading by text?

We have a similar questions asked about our phone psychic readings. How can a psychic deliver a psychic reading when they are not physically with the person they are reading for? Experienced psychics are able to pick up on the energy and vibrations of an individual no matter where they are. This ability is practiced and learnt over a long period of time enabling them to deliver a psychic reading over the phone or by text message the same as if they were sitting next to a person. Some psychics say that a reading by phone or text can have more clarity as there are fewer distractions or physical ticks to distract them.


How do I get a psychic text reading sent to me?

We have a system that has been designed to be as simple as possible to use and one that means you can be anywhere to receive your reading – as long as you have a mobile signal.

Firstly you need to text into the service to request a reading.

If it is the first time you have had a reading with us we will text you back asking us to confirm your date of birth – you need to be over 18 years old to use the service.

One of our psychic readers will then send you your own personal reading direct to your mobile phone number

Simple to use from anywhere that you are.


How long is the psychic reading?

Each time that you request a psychic reading by text from us we will send you your reading and it will be no longer than two text messages long. A single text is restricted to 160 characters in length.


Can I have more than one psychic text reading?

Yes – by all means. If the first one has not covered all of the questions you want to discuss then you can have more than one reading. To do this you would simple text us again requesting another reading.


How much does it cost to have a psychic text reading?

Each text message that you receive costs £1.50 and as mentioned each reading will be no more than 2 messages long – you will pay your normal access charge on top.

text a psychic


I have tried a psychic reading by text before and it wouldn’t work – why not?

Sometimes you access provider will restrict calls to certain numbers. When you text us you are texting on a short code number – some providers will not allow this without permission. If you are having problems you are best to call your service provider.


Is it always the same psychic that sends the messages?

No – we have several psychics that deliver the readings for us. Our service is available both day and night so it depends when you request a reading as to who will send your reading.


What is the advantage of a psychic text reading ?

Psychic text readings are convenient ways of having a reading no matter where you are or what you are doing. Also you will have the reading as a text message and can refer back to it at anytime should you choose.


Can I ask a specific question when having a text reading?

Yes – you can text us a specific question and we will respond directly to it in the reading


Are there questions I cannot ask for my text reading?

Yes – we are no allowed to answers questions that are financial , legal or health related.


We hope that this covers most questions that people have about our text reading service.

text psychics

Here is a re-cap therefor of how you can have a reading


  • Text the word “ANDI” to the telephone number 78887 from your mobile
  • We will text you back requesting your date of birth
  • Reply to us with your date of birth.
  • We will then send you your psychic reading which will be no more than two text messages long
  • If you wish to continue the reading simply text the word “ANDI” again and we will continue the reading.


(sms cost £1.50 per msg you receive,max 2 replies,18+only.We may send promotional messages. Entertainment only.To opt out text STOP to 78887.)


For further details simply go to our text readings page or you can email us at


We wish you a great psychic text reading.


Love is Light xx

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