What makes an amazing Psychic Reader

Here at Psychic Waters we are constantly searching for the best psychic readers to deliver amazing telephone psychic readings. We take into account one type of reader doesn’t work for everybody and that is why we have a large selection of readers using different skill sets and methods to deliver their psychic readings. That is the beauty of having a telephone psychic reading. You are able to search our list of psychic readers and make the choice of which you feel will be the best for you before you actually have your reading.


So what actually makes an amazing psychic reader?


Well, firstly they must obviously have very defined and honed psychic skills. They must display a level of intuition above and beyond everyday expectation that allows them to delve deeply into the life energy of an individual to determine aspects of their life that are not self- evident. Some of you may possess heightened levels of psychic abilities – you may well have experienced episodes yourself that you cannot quite explain – however it is the ability to interpret and translate these signals and explain them to the individual they refer to in such a way that they make sense that is key. Many psychic readers, when they first set out on the journey of discovery of their skills, will not be able to understand the signals they are experiencing. For instance a clairvoyant may experience a series of images or lights that make no sense to anyone. The skill for the reader is to start to be able to interpret these skills and their meanings and explain them to the people to whom they refer.


So a psychic has learnt to interpret the signals they experience – does this make them amazing?


Well simply put the answer is no. A psychic reader needs, in addition to their psychic ability, the skill to deliver a reading in a way that enables the individual to engage fully with the process. If the person having the reading is not fully engaged or is slightly reserved, important information may be missed by the psychic reader that restricts the psychic’s ability to deliver an amazing psychic reading. What the psychic needs to ensure is that the individual is as open and honest during the reading as possible. This means that the reader needs to connect fully with the individual, empathise fully with them and give them the opportunity to open up and have a free and honest reading.


Is it harder to deliver amazing psychic readings over the phone rather than face to face?


Most psychic readers will say that it is not harder. In fact with a psychic reading on the phone there are none of the distractions or false paths that exist when you give a reading face to face. The psychic is able to concentrate 100% on the reading when it is over the phone and many argue this enables them to deliver better readings.


Here at Psychic Waters we search out readers who have great psychic abilities and the skill to translate these gifts into amazing psychic readings over the phone.


To view our psychics simply visit the Our Psychics page to see who is available and a little bit about them. When choosing who to have the reading with try to use your gut feeling. What do you want the reading for- what do you want it about- what questions do you have and then follow your own instincts. If at any time you have questions either email us at hello@psychicwaters.com or call 02071116412.


Have an amazing psychic reading


Love is Light xx

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You have to connect with the psychic reader - if I dont get on with them it never works for me.x