Meet Psychic Andi

Andi’s journey to understanding his psychic abilities started when he was very young. As a ten year old he was often questioning the world around him and the emotions he was experiencing.


“I can remember from a very early age that I would get frustrated with not fully understanding what I was experiencing” Andi explains. ”I would often be asking my parents about people’s emotions not knowing why. I can remember one time for example asking them about a friend of theirs who came to visit us for the afternoon. As usual us children were off playing and the adults sat around chatting around the bbq. Later on when the friend had left I asked my mother why the friend had been so sad. I said to my mother that she seemed unhappy with her best friend and that they had been fighting. My mum said she thought her friend was fine and asked me why I thought she was down. I did not know how I knew but as it turns out the next week we found out that the friend had been having trouble in her relationship the previous week and came back to our house to ask my mum for some help and guidance”


Andi explains that these types of intuitive experiences carried on through his teenage years. The older he became and the more he experienced these feelings the more he was able to understand and control his psychic intuition.


“I believe we are all born with innate psychic abilities. It is our time spent in this modern world that causes us to lose sight of these gifts. Our connection to the world around us has changed over the centuries , particularly with the dawn of modern technology and scientific advancement. Our natural instinctive intuition can be muted in a world of information and consumerism”


Andi spent several years in his early twenties travelling around the world learning about and connecting with many different cultures and beliefs.


“In every place that I visited I met up with similar people to myself who had learnt to recognise their psychic gifts and to train and control them. Through continued practice and experience I was able to start giving people psychic readings. As I travelled around It was a privilege to be able to connect with people in a deep and meaningful way and to learn about them and their culture by delivering psychic readings.”


Those early beginnings have lead Andi to where he is today delivering telephone psychic readings to a wide variety of people, from all walks of life and from many different countries around the world.


“The beauty of working as a telephone psychic is that I can get to interact with so many different people from all over the globe. By having a service that enables people to connect with a psychic reader from the comfort of their own home has enabled countless numbers of people to have a psychic reading who otherwise might have found it difficult”


Andi has been doing readings for Psychic Waters from the very start and is a psychic reader that many return to again and again to seek guidance and clarity in their lives.


“I value the connections I have made – I hope that the many people I speak to gain as much from the readings as I do. Given time and trust the readings can reveal many different aspects of a person’s journey in life and I feel privileged to be able to help with this”


Andi can be contacted via our telephone psychic lines. Either call our premium rate service or call us on 0207 111 6412 and speak to our receptionists to pay by card.


Andi can be contacted on Pin 1100 but please note it can sometimes be difficult to get him due to demand. If you are having difficulties please email us at and we will see if we can reserve a time for you.


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