Live the moment

“When you climb a ladder, don’t forget the rungs”

We set ourselves goals , we plan ahead , we prepare for the future , we look forward to the holidays. These are all natural and often productive patterns of behaviour that help us to plan and live our lives to the full. The problems can arise when the future becomes all at the expense of the present. We forget to focus on the moment we are living and rush towards the future often at the expense of the moment.

Our fears and worries are created by focussing elsewhere but the present moment. Most of the time we find that our worries were not justified and we wasted our time on them. We can teach ourselves techniques to help ground us in the moment we are living. By doing this we can help bring a sense of order and calm to our lives By focusing our energies in the moment more often will help to release positive energy to transform our lives.

How can we stay in the moment?

Simple techniques, practiced regularly throughout your day will help to focus your mind in the present.


Be aware of the breaths you take. Take time out of your day to sit and relax and concentrate on every breath you take. Feel the air filling your lungs and then being expelled. Breathe in through your nose for several seconds filling your lungs, hold your breath for a couple of seconds and then expel the air through your mouth, all the time concentrating of the feelings within your body.


Take time out throughout the day to really listen to what is going on around you. Close your eyes and focus your attention on the sounds. You will be amazed how many new sounds you will hear and identify just by listening. Focus your attention purely on the sounds around you and many of the other noises and worries in your head will disappear.


Take time every day to savour the food that you are eating. Often we rush through meals on the way to somewhere else. Our thoughts are shouting at us to move on and get going. Take time to relax and enjoy your food. Really taste what you are eating. How it makes you feel? What emotions does it provoke? Focus on every mouthful. Enjoy it.

Bring yourself back to the moment

Our minds will inevitably wander through the day.
“I mustn’t forget to collect that…………”
“I must ring Ben…………….”
“I should be home for 8………….”

Our minds can sometimes be so full we forget what we have been doing or should be doing.

Learn techniques to help calm your mind and focus on the moment you are in. If it helps make a list of those things that you want to get done. By putting them on paper you can focus more fully on what is in front of you. Instead of your brain constantly asking questions of you “I must” – “I should” it will be able to be more attentive to the moment. When your brain starts to get full again refer to your list and bring your brain back to the present.
Another simple technique for returning yourself to the present would be to carry something with you that you refer to when your brain wanders off. This could be anything from a ring , a memento, a ball – anything that you can focus on to distract your mind away from the clutter. This becomes, in a way , the jolt your mind needs to return it to the here and now.

Focus away from your worries.

Teach your mind to return to the present when it starts to worry about the future.  The only reality is the here and now. When worries return take time to breathe and relax. Practice your deep breathing exercise all the time focusing on the breaths and how they make you feel.

Be aware of those around you

We can sometimes live our whole day with our head down as the world rushes by. Take time each day to fully focus on what is going on around you. Open your eyes and ears to the sights and sounds that are in front of you. Immerse yourself in the energy of those around you.

To fully realize our hopes and dreams we need to be able to live each moment to the best of our ability.

To ground ourselves in the present will give us the focus and energy needed to realize our true path in life.

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Love is Light xx

The Psychic Waters Team

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