Start your day the right way

Do you feel a little ‘groggy’ when you wake up in the mornings?

Your head is stuck to the pillow and you feel more tired than when you went to bed?

The minute you wake up you are worrying about the day ahead?

If this sounds familiar, the following quick and easy steps will help to put you in a more energised and positive frame of mind to face up to the challenges of the day ahead. They may add an extra 10 minutes at first  to your usual morning routine but once mastered will become so natural and beneficial to your physical and mental wellbeing that you will find yourself ready to go and start the day even earlier than before!!

Count your blessings

Take a few seconds to think about all the positives in your life, those who love you as well as those whom you love in return. Remember holidays you enjoyed, places you have or intend to visit in the future, nature and all its wonders or simply reflect on the fact that you are alive to experience another day on our diverse and incredible planet.

Simple Stretches

Take time to wake up and stretch your body – don’t forget you have been lying down all night! The body needs to readjust so take a few minutes to move about and do some gentle stretching to wake up tired limbs!

Play music

Music can be food for the soul and provide energy and inspiration. Listen to music that inspires and energizes you.

Eat a healthy breakfast

We have to recharge our batteries and give ourselves energy for the day ahead. A good sized and healthy breakfast is key to our wellbeing throughout the day.

Take time to reflect

Before you start your day take time for yourself. Sit down and relax. Focus on the day ahead and list the things you want to achieve. Remind yourself that the easiest way to make yourself happy is to make someone else happy. Approach the day with an open heart and a smile. Allow a few minutes to yourself so that your body and mind can wake up and prepare for the day ahead. If negative or worrying thoughts enter you mind throw them over your shoulder.

Take deep breathes , relax your mind and begin.

nice breakfastrelaxing coffee

For inspiration and help in starting your day the right way why not have a psychic reading today with one of our amazing psychic readers. With guidance and insight into the future you can start your day , week or year the way you want with positive energy and hope.

Have a lovely week and a great psychic reading today!!

Love is Light

The Psychic Waters Team xx


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