Psychic Readings by Text

On average in the UK last year each person with a mobile phone sent 117 SMS and MMS messages each month. In addition, when you consider that last year 93% of all adults in the UK had a mobile phone , you can start to see how we rely on the mobile phone as a means of communicating in our modern world.

SMS or text messaging is a quick and easy solution if we want to send or receive a message whilst on the go. When the time or the place does not allow us to talk on the phone without interruption we can still communicate via text – instantaneously.

Live the moment

“When you climb a ladder, don’t forget the rungs”

We set ourselves goals , we plan ahead , we prepare for the future , we look forward to the holidays. These are all natural and often productive patterns of behaviour that help us to plan and live our lives to the full. The problems can arise when the future becomes all at the expense of the present. We forget to focus on the moment we are living and rush towards the future often at the expense of the moment.

Start your day the right way

Do you feel a little ‘groggy’ when you wake up in the mornings?

Your head is stuck to the pillow and you feel more tired than when you went to bed?

The minute you wake up you are worrying about the day ahead?

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