What is a medium reading?


Psychic medium readings are intimate experiences where the medium will communicate with the spirit of those that have passed . It’s normal for some clients to feel nervous before their first reading. A medium reading is a very powerful experience and you can feel nervous if you don’t know what to expect. That is why it is very important to be fully prepared before having a psychic medium reading.

Before your reading begins, your medium will often explain how they will conduct their session. Each medium has their own techniques to help them communicate with spirits. If you have any questions during the reading be sure to ask the psychic medium as it is important that you fully understand the process and the details that you are hearing.

Medium Readings at Psychic Waters

Having a medium reading is a very unique experience. Depending on their abilities they can sense different auras and spirit energies. This is why it’s always important to find a medium you have a connection with and you feel comfortable to talk to.

At Psychic Waters, our readings will provide you with a unique session with an experienced medium of your choice. We have spent a lot of time searching out the best psychic readers from around the world who have the experience and skill to give phone psychic readings

At the heart of our medium readings, you have the opportunity to receive messages from your loved one which you can pass on to their family and friends. These messages can be about any topic or issue at all.

We have made the process of having a psychic reading very simple. Simply browse through our list of psychic readers and pick the one you are drawn to. You can find details of all the ways you can have a psychic reading by visiting our information pages. Fell free to try out more than one of our psychics until you find the perfect fit for you. We hope you have a fanatstic psychic reading with us today. We would love your feedback so contact us at hello@psychicwaters.com with any questions or reviews.

Have a lovely day - Love is Light xx

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your psychic readers based?

Our psychics are based throughout the UK and the world. Our psychics do not work from a call centre or central office. They work often from the comfort of their own homes to deliver detailed medium readings and psychic readings. When choosing the psychics who work with us we spend a lot of time ensuring that the psychics have the experience and skills to deliver consistently good medium readings. One of the advantages of a telephone psychic reading is that you can call from anywhere you wish and connect with some of the best psychics from right around the world. Our website enables you to browse our list of psychics before you call any of them for a live one to one reading. If you are unsure what kind of reading you want or who to speak to just call our friendly receptionists who can guide you : call on 02071116412.

What questions can I ask the psychic reader

The most popular psychic medium readings will cover subjects such as “love and relationships”, “career”, “future path in life”. Our psychic readers have a combined experience of thousands of hours of delivering readings and will have given readings on every subject. Do not hold back – if you have a burning question then ask the psychic. They are not here to judge, they are here to deliver amazing psychic readings. There are certain subjects our psychics will not be able to discuss with you because of legal restrictions preventing it. If you have a health related question or a legal question our psychics will not be able to discuss this with you. We suggest taking the appropriate professional advice in these circumstances. Specific financial advice or predictions will not be made.