What are Horoscope Readings?

Ever since humans started roaming the earth we have been fascinated with the stars above us and their connection to us. Many different cultures over the centuries have developed their own systems for interpreting the influence of the planets and stars on the lives that we lead. Astrology means literally the “study of stars” and from this fascination was born what we now know as horoscope star signs and the reading of them.

A daily horoscope reading is based on your Zodiac sign and is a popular form of horoscope reading which was largely developed over the twentieth century. More detailed birth charts and astrological reports can be written based on your exact time and place of birth.

Free Horoscope readings from Psychic Waters

Here at Psychic Waters we supply free daily horoscope readings for each zodiac sign. Please visit our Horoscopes page and click your star sign to get a snapshot of how the stars and planets are influencing your life.

If you would prefer a complete and detailed Horoscope reading and Astrological report then our Astrology Zone is for you. Packed with detailed  reports about every area of your life you are sure to find the right report for you. Here are just some of the reports available :

Soul profile Report

Love life forecaster report

Career analysis report

Relationship success report


Why not try out one of our free sample astrological reports :


Free Soul Profile reports

See how the various parts of your psyche - the good, the difficult and the uncertain - merge to create the unique person that is you - highlighting what is most important and what you value most.

Reveal your true nature


Free Soul Mates Report

This Mini Soul Mates report identifies the positive qualities you share, so you can achieve more happiness together. Shows you how to  improve your relationship.


Embark on a journey of discovery with a free daily horoscope reading or a full and detailed Astrological report from Psychic Waters.