What are Horoscope Readings?

Horoscope readings are one of the most popular readings to get from a psychic. Looking to the stars and understanding the astrological patterns and positions in the sky has given psychics the opportunity to read the stars to interpret what the future holds for you.

For centuries, there has been a widespread belief the positions of planets and stars has influenced events in people’s lives. Interpreting the astrological signs has been a popular practice since ancient times and cultural variations of the practice has developed over time. Reading horoscopes is a science and only experienced psychics can read the patterns correctly.

Depending on your date of birth, you will have your own zodiac sign. Basic horoscope readings only take into account the position of the sun. To get the best out of your horoscope, the psychic needs to look at the position of the sun, stars and the planets of when you were born. As the position of these astrological features helped to shape your personality, your love life, your economic well being and how your life will turn out.

Horoscopes Reading from Psychic Waters

Find guidance and embark on a journey of wisdom with a personal horoscope reading at Psychic Waters. Visit our dedicated horoscopes reading page and click on your star sign to discover what your horoscope has in store for you today.  Our natural psychic clairvoyants, clairsentients and clairaudients are on hand to provide you with in-depth and detailed horoscope readings.


Receive the advice you are looking for in order to make the best decisions and learn how to change your karma from bad to good! Our horoscopes reading covers a range of topics including luck, love, relationships and more. Choose your horoscope reading today with Psychic Waters to find out what your Zodiac sign reveals for you and learn about your present or future.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me a bit about each star sign?

It isn’t any easy process to calculate horoscope readings. Our horoscopes are calculated from an astrological chart that represents the positions of the planets, moon and Sun and can include other significant astrological events. The positions of these astrological factors on a certain date can help our psychic interpret your horoscope. The position of the Sun and the orbiting planets, all have an impact on the interpretation of your horoscope. When our psychic mentions the position of Venus or the distance of another planet like Jupiter, you can see how they are interpreting the position and meaning of the different astrological features. Psychics don’t use clock time when they’re interpreting the planetary positions, they use sidereal time which is a measurement which originates from what the sun’s position was at the spring equinox. Today we can create scientific algorithms on computers to help psychics create accurate horoscopes based on planetary positions.You can check your horoscope daily at Psychic Waters for free. Take a look now!

How often are they updated?

At Psychic Waters we update horoscope readings daily to bring you the latest horoscope readings to start your day with. You can check your horoscopes online for free now. Our psychics are in tune with the astrological chart and have been practicing reading horoscopes for years. Their wealth of knowledge is phenomenal and their expertise can be relied on for advice whenever you may need it. There is a science behind horoscopes and it involves the twelve horoscope star signs divided into their four groups: The first being Fire Signs which consists of Aries, Sagittarius and Leo. The Air Signs which is Libra, Aquarius and Gemini, then the Water Signs of Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces And finally Earth Signs consisting of Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo. Take a look at ‘how do you calculate horoscopes’ above for a full explanation.