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I have found I am much happier and fulfilled when I set myself goals. These can be daily targets or more long term goals. When I have set myself a goal I find I start to achieve much more than I thought possible. I follow these ideals in all areas of my life to help drive me forward to better things.

When Psychic Waters started it was my aim that we searched out the best possible phone psychics to work for us. This was the goal we set ourselves and the goal that has driven us forward every day since.

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Setting goals in life is like our New Year’s resolutions. We have areas of our lives that we want to change or improve. We may know that we over-indulge in one area of our lives and we want to get things under control. We want to achieve a goal so we set ourselves targets. I believe that we should set ourselves targets and goals every day. Set the bar high and strive to get over that bar. Only then can we achieve things beyond our expectations and truly be fulfilled in our lives.

To do this, however, take discipline. It takes discipline, willpower, persistence and practice. That is why it is important to set yourself goals throughout the year, not just at the New Year.

Start by focusing on small targets, daily targets that you can more easily achieve with discipline.

  • “Today I am going to clear out my wardrobe !”
  • “Today I am going to meditate for at least half an hour”
  • “Today I will go for at least half an hours walk”

Whatever you target you must continue to say it through the day. Choose your target, your daily mantra, and remind yourself of it through the day until you have achieved it. Even better, you should write it down and put it somewhere that reminds you of it through the day.

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My goal for Psychic waters was to find the best and most trusted phone psychics around to work for us and deliver amazing psychic readings. This is an ongoing goal for us that focuses us every day to continue to search for gifted and amazing psychics. With this goal in mind we feel energised every day to do the best we can. This in turn helps everyone that uses our service to have the best psychic readings possible. By setting a goal has a positive effect on ourselves and also the people around us.

You must, however, be persistent. It will not always be easy. As in many things in life you will not always achieve what you set out to do. You may feel a sense of failure and feel that you have let yourself down when things don’t go as planned. “Why do I set myself these goals as I can never achieve them!!” Your motivation to try again is diminished and you may stop setting yourself goals to avoid that feeling of failure. It’s at this stage that you must be strong. Keep trying to push yourself to achieve something each day. Keep your focus and determination to strive – strive for small things each day and you will start to achieve them. Keep believing you can do it and you will end up doing it.

Once you have mastered the persistence and determination required to keep trying then you will consistently achieve the daily goals you set yourself. From this point on keep extending your goals and pushing yourself to greater things. Daily , weekly a, monthly and yearly goals all become achievable and you will find yourself achieving great things.

At Psychic Waters we are passionate about finding the best phone psychics to work for us. This desire has helped us to develop a service that delivers thousands of psychic readings a year to people from all over the world. Why don’t you start your own daily goal Mantras to see where it takes you.

Never give up

Enjoy the journey , have faith, be strong and good luck.

Love is Light xxx

This blog has been written by Psychic Andi 1100. To speak to Andi or any of our amazing trusted psychic readers please visit Our Psychics page. You will find details of all our phone psychics and the numbers you can call if you would like to speak to one of them. if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us at hello@psychicwaters.com



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