Use your Psychic abilities

All of us are born with intuitive psychic abilities, but given the nature of the modern world we live in we don’t often get the chance to develop and use these inherent skills. Some people’s life paths, however, enable them to use, enhance and develop these skills so that they are able to positively affect others around them with their gifts.


We have all experienced moments in life that we struggle to explain – moments of intuition that we are certain cannot be pure luck. A classic example of this would be that the phone rang at exactly the same time as you were thinking of that person.


“I can’t believe it , I was just thinking of you!”


Another example of your psychic abilities at work is the classic “deja vue”.


“I’ve been here before – this feels really weird” –


We have all been there and experienced these unexplained moments. The skills are instinctively and intuitively within all of us.


So let’s start using these psychic abilities we are all born with. Have some fun with it and see where you get to. You may find that with a little practice you really start to recognise and control the ability within you – who knows where it will lead.


Test yourself for fun – you can practice throughout the day wherever you are


“Who is going to contact me today?” – see if you are right.

“Which door will open next?” – are you right?

“Which bus will come round the corner next?” – got it that time

Concentrate and focus on someone you love and care for – do they contact you soon after?


These exercises can be fun and, trust me, with practice you will surprise yourself. It is all about listening to your inner instinct, trusting what you hear and translating it into the psychical world. Don’t get frustrated when you are not right. It will take years of practice to fully understand and control your abilities.


At Psychic Waters all of our psychic readers have been developing and practicing their skills for years in order to deliver sincere and detailed psychic readings. We are available 24 hours a day throughout the year to deliver quality psychic readings by phone.


Have fun with your natural ability, keep practicing – who knows what you will discover.



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