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Here at Psychic Waters our aim is to provide the best psychic readings possible and to make them easily accessible for everyone who wants a reading. It is for that reason that we have developed a number of ways that you can have a psychic reading with us.

Today we would like to explain a little bit more about our psychic text messaging service – how it works, how much it costs and what you can expect when you use this service.

I suppose the first question that you may have is how can a psychic deliver a reading by text message when they have never met you or even spoken to you?

Every psychic works in a unique way using their own special gifts and skills to deliver the readings. When our experienced psychics are giving a psychic text reading to someone they will use these very same skills. Even though the psychics cannot see or hear the person they are reading for they are able to focus in on the energy and vibrations of that person to deliver a psychic reading. Connection and trust between the psychic and the person who is having the reading will work in the same way as a live reading in person or over the telephone.

Can I have a psychic reading by text no matter where I am?Texting a psychic

As long as you have a mobile telephone and you are in the UK you will be able to have a psychic text reading. Whether you are at home , our shopping or walking in the hills , as long as you have a mobile signal you will be able to request and receive a reading.

How do I ask for a text reading?

You simply need to text us. Text the word ”WATERS” to the number 78887 then one of our psychics will send you a reading directly  to your mobile phone. If you have a specific question you want answered simply text this question after the word “WATERS”.

How much will this cost?

The costs of the psychic text readings is £1.50 for each message you receive from us. For each request you send us we will send a maximum of 2 messages in reply

Do I have to be above a certain age to have a psychic reading by text?

Yes. You must be at least 18 years or older to receive a text reading.

Do you check my age?

The first time that you use our text reading service you will be asked to verify your name and date of birth. Once you have sent us a request for a reading by texting “WATERS” to 78887 you will receive a text reply asking you to text these details to us.

The text message will look like this:

FreeMsg: Hi! Thanks for texting Psychic Waters, before we reply, please txt back confirmation of your name and date of birth. To stop text STOP to 78887. 18+

Please text back with your first name and date of birth in numerical format – example 15/03/69

psychic text messagesCan I have more than one reading?

Yes you can have more than one. If after you have received the first messages from the psychic but would like the reading to continue simply text us back on 78887 asking another question or simply texting the word “WATERS” again. You can continue doing this as long as you want the reading to continue.

Can I ask any question of the psychic?

Our psychics are able to answer a lot of you questions. They are not, however, able  to answer any questions of a medical or legal nature. We suggest that you seek advice from a relevant professional in these cases.

How can I stop the reading?

Simply stop sending texts to our psychics and the reading will end. If you would like to be removed from our text service completely simply text the word “STOP” to 78887

Once you have used our service we may send you promotional messages in the future. These will be free messages and this will be indicated on the text message you receive from us “FreeMsg”. Our text reading service is for entertainment purposes only

We have very experienced psychics working on our text reading service. They have a lot of experience delivering readings in this way. When you text in for a reading have an open heart and mind .


We hope you have a fantastic reading.

If you have any questions or concerns simply email us at hello@psychicwaters.com or visit our Contact Us page.


Take care

Love is Light xx

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