Questions and Answers? Take time to Stop!

Life is full of questions. From the day we are born to the day we say goodbye we ask and are asked countless questions – where , what , who , when,why ? I wonder how many questions we are asked in a lifetime and how many questions we ask of others  ?? – somebody out there has probably done a study of it. Children are often those who ask the deepest and most searching questions about the world around us. Many parents will testify to being stuck on a particular question from their children and not knowing how to respond.

Why is the sky blue?
Where did I come from Mummy?
How do the stars stay up in the sky?
What is time?
How did you make me?

Questions are what drive us forward. They are the lifeblood of our development as Human beings. To search for answers is to wonder with amazement at the world around us.  

We will all have experienced moments when we looked in amazement at the world around us – to it’s beauty and power. Whatever that moment was it resonates in us for all time. Often when we experience special moments like that we do not have need for any questions. The moment is what it is. It does not require us to ask questions of it. These moments can be rare but are part of our journey to a more enlightened sense of being. These are the moments we should search out and harness for their ability to enhance and enrich our soul.

There can be times, however, when life does not allow us to see the beauty around us. Our daily lives take over and we are unable to feel amazed. Life is hard. We are busy. People are demanding things of us at every turn. There are many modern pressures on us to perform and fit in in a certain way that we forget to take ME time. We forget to stop , take a breath , close our eyes and stop asking questions.  When life stops allowing us to see the beauty all around then it is time to re-evaluate and ask questions of ourselves.

Do I allow myself enough time to relax and reflect?
Do I allow my mind to relax and stop asking questions?
Am I looking after my body?
Am I looking after my soul?

Only by asking questions of ourselves will be able to take control of our lives and reconnect with the beauty in the world. Only when we allow peace and balance into our busy lives will we again be able to connect with the beauty that is all around us. When our eyes are open to this beauty then many of our questions become obsolete as the simple truth around us becomes our answer.

Ask yourself if you are taking enough time on your wellbeing or is life so hectic and full that peace and beauty has been replaced by constant demands. Never forget the importance of taking time to reflect , relax , calm down and clear your mind of all those questions. Beauty and peace can then return into your life and a true balance achieved.

A true understanding first requires us to empty our minds. Ask yourself therefor – Am I looking after myself?
Author – Andi Pin 1100

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