Psychic Readings by Text

On average in the UK last year each person with a mobile phone sent 117 SMS and MMS messages each month. In addition, when you consider that last year 93% of all adults in the UK had a mobile phone , you can start to see how we rely on the mobile phone as a means of communicating in our modern world.

Psychic SMS or text messaging is a quick and easy solution if we want to send or receive a psychic message whilst on the go. When the time or the place does not allow us to talk on the phone without interruption we can still communicate via text – instantaneously.

With that in mind our psychic reading by text service enables you to get the answers to your burning question whilst you are on the go. An added benefit to this is that the reading is there on your phone to refer to whenever you want to.

The types of questions people often ask our psychic readers by text is :

“Will I find a partner soon?”
“Will my career improve?”
“Will my current relationship last?”
“What does the future hold for me?”

We have chosen two of our most experienced psychics to answer all of the questions that you have. They are both very experienced at delivering concise readings by text and the care and attention they place on every question is the same as for our live psychic readings.

Finally, a psychic reading by text is quick and simple to do.

  1.  Simply text the word “WATERS” plus your question to 78887 – (this service costs £1.50 per message that you receive. You will receive a maximum of 2 replies to each question. You must be over 18 years old to use this service)
  2.  If it is the first time you have used this service you will be asked to verify your name and date of birth
  3.  Receive an answer to your question by text message direct to your mobile

It’s that simple. If you are out and about but want answers to a question straight away then our text reading service is the perfect solution for you.

We may send free promotional messages. To opt out call 0207 111 6210. Entertainment only.SP Inveroak

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