Psychic reader Andi – quotes and images to inspire us

Many of you will have seen that our Psychic reader Andi contributes many of the images and posts that we have on social media. He has a large following of loyal friends who follow his posts throughout the year.

We decided we wanted to share some of these quotes and images in one place on our website to remind us of the last few months in images and words.

"Accept that sometimes things don't always go as planned - take time this evening to recharge and then start again tomorrow with optimism and positivity."

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be the reason some smile quote
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"Trust your instinct to guide you and keep you."

"Believe in yourself and step into your futures with an open heart"

"We are all one family - sharing is strength"

"Try to be the reason someone smiles today"

"Share your love"

"Bring a smile into someone’s life today and your own happiness will follow"


"It can often feel like a lonely road"

Sometimes long and sometimes cold

But it's always better to reach out and share

And today we do that with our sad cuddly bear!"


"Forgetting is sometimes just as important as remembering !!"

"Move forwards always."

"hello dear friends,

Imagination is a universe where anything is possible

Have a great day"

"Try to experience each day as if it was your first.

Connect with life and with others.

Take care xx

Andi 1100"


"Energy through love"

"Ignore the chores for a little - they can wait!"

"Close your eyes and drift to the place you want to be."

"I am always amazed by your strength."

"Have a great sleep - recharge and start again"

"Let your spirit soar free - do not hold back"

"If you keep pushing against something it will keep pushing you back - move away.

Speak to you later"

"Anything is possible with love in our hearts."

"Be inspired today."

"Find inspiration in your dreams.."

"Good morning dear friends

What a life !"

"Shake off the cobwebs ,take a big stretch and move forward with the day with positivity."

"It's okay to feel happy - embrace it when it's there."

"As in nature you can find away – persevere"

"One flame lights another and so the cycle continues.

Be that spark for others"

"Make the difference to your life - you know what to do"

"Let light shine the way - follow your instincts"

"Some peace and quiet on a Thursday

meditation & mindfulness"


We have really enjoyed re-visiting some of Andi's quotes and images from the last few weeks. Inspiration and support help us be our best.

If you would like to speak to Psychic Andi or any of our other  trusted psychics just follow the instructions at our What we Do page. or visit our psychics now to choose your prefered psychic.

For questions or help simply email us at or call our reception on 02071116412.


Find inspiration all around you


Love is Light xxx

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