Psychic Abilities

We are all born with psychic abilities but for most of us these will lie dormant or hidden for much of our lives. You may well have experienced bizarre or unexplained feelings throughout your life but never connected these feelings to your instinctive psychic abilities – why not have a look at our “Am I Psychic” blog from September 2015 for examples of these events. Some people, however, are able to connect instinctively to these powers inherent in all of us. At Psychic Waters all of our psychic readers have natural psychic abilities that they have nurtured and honed throughout their lives to enable them to provide amazing psychic readings.

Below we have briefly explained four of the psychic abilities commonly displayed by psychics. Some psychics may have all of the above skills but more often than not they will use one or two of these skills to deliver their psychic readings.


A clairvoyant is a psychic who is able to find out information about an event, person or place by the using powers outside the normal range of natural vision which is sometimes referred to as extrasensory perception. The word literally means “clear sight” and reflects the psychic’s ability to gain information through a process of visualising and sensing them with their minds.


A clairsentient is a psychic who is able to get information about a person, event or place through the use of touch. The word literally means “clear feeling” and denotes their abilities to connect with objects by touching them.


A clairaudient connects through “clear hearing”. They are able to deliver psychic readings through their abilities to receive information in an auditory way.


A medium uses their abilities of mediumship to act as a channel for communication between spirits of those that have passed and the living. A medium will often be able to hear the spirits, or in some cases the spirit may take control of the mediums voice to communicate with the living.


We have a selection of psychics available who use a variety of different skills and tools to help them deliver their psychic readings. Go to the “Our Psychics” page where you will find a full list of our psychics along with details of the skills and tools they use in their readings. Many of our Psychics will also have a specialist subject area , such as "Love and relationships", that they are well known for.

Please take your time to look through all our psychics and if you have a specific question or would like to book a reading please call our reception on 0207 111 6412



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