My first psychic reading by phone

One of our customers kindly agreed to answer our questions on their first ever psychic reading by telephone. Where necessary we have changed names, dates and places to protect their privacy.

Thanks for agreeing to chat to us. Was this you first ever psychic reading?

No. I had had one with someone face to face. They work from a holistic shop not far from us that sells everything from healing crystals, books on tarot reading, candles to live psychic readings. This was the first psychic reading I have had over the phone.

How did the reading go?

Well I was really surprised. I was a bit sceptical before I called as I didn’t know how a psychic was going to connect with me over the phone. It somehow would seem easier to do a reading when you are with the person. It soon became clear that the psychic on the phone was able to connect with me as well as the reading I had face to face. In some ways the reading was better I think as I was able to be completely relaxed as I called up from home.

How did the reading start?

The psychic simply asked my first name and date of birth. After this they asked if there was a particular area of my life I wanted to focus on or whether I just wanted a general reading. I just wanted a general reading. The psychic took a couple of minutes to focus in on me and then started talking about an area of my life that was a bit difficult at that time. It was a hard at first but everything they were saying rang true. As the reading went on it was clear that the psychic knew things about my life – I’ve no idea how they did it.

Did you ask any questions?

Yes a few. As it went on the psychic was able to clarify a few of my questions. Sometime the psychic said things that didn’t make any sense to me. I asked them about these and told them it didn’t sound right. They explained that often parts of a reading won’t make sense at the time and that in time it should become clearer. A couple of the things that didn’t make sense have since become clearer to me.

How long did your reading last?

I’m not sure. It must have been about 15 minutes. We covered areas of my life that are challenging and they mentioned some things that are really exciting for the future. I look forward to seeing how things go. The psychic asked me if I had anymore more questions towards the end. I didn’t so we finished the call.

How had you booked the psychic reading?

I found the website and then paid for my reading using a card. I had to call up and do a payment on the phone. The lady then put me through to a psychic.

Did you choose which psychic reader you wanted to speak to?

No I didn’t. The person just put me through to a psychic. I have gone on the website since and can see the psychic I spoke to before and all the other psychics. I think if I call again I will go back to the psychic who I spoke to.

Do you think you will call up again?

Yes – I don’t know when but I really liked the way I could call from home.

What was your overall impression of the reading?

Pretty good really. I really wasn’t sure at first as I had never had a telephone reading before. The reader I spoke to was really nice. It was easier after my nerves went and I really enjoyed it. I felt pretty energized after it.

Thanks for talking to us. Have a lovely day. Love is Light xx

Our psychic readers are available by phone throughout the day and night. You can either pay for your reading by card like this person or you can call and be charged to your phone bill. We are here to make the process and easy as possible so if you have any questions at all please email us at or call our receptionists on 02071116412. We really hope you have a positive and good psychic reading with one of our psychics. Take care.


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I spoke to Andi and he was good - took a little time to connect bu then was pretty good - thanx xx
tried the number last night at 3 and there was no answer? Do you do readings at night?