Looking for Love? - Which star sign are you more compatible with?

Your own personal horoscope can tell a lot about your personality. Aries have a generous nature but they can get irate in stressful situations. Taurus is more artistic while Cancer is very romantic to the extent they can be rather clingy.Free daily Horoscopes

Your personal detailed Horoscope can be enlightening about your own personal habits and reveal what life has in store for you in future. But horoscopes can also help you find your best love match. Each horoscope has their own favourable matches and there are some matches that should just not happen.

For example, Virgo and Aries often clash. Virgo’s desire for perfection and fussy nature will conflict with Aries’ need to be in control. Their opposing personalities can cause turbulence in their relationship.

In some cases, opposites do attract. Virgos will be attracted to the dreamer aspirations of Pisces but if they don’t find a balance in their relationship it can create future problems.  

Finding your best celestial match can increase the chance of you finding a compatible life partner. A perfect match means your partnership will be a complementary union of personalities and there is a higher probability you will have a more fulfilled relationship that lasts.

Here are the best horoscope matches to help you find the perfect match.


Leo and Sagittarius best match

Aries is the bold and independent member of the team. While you may not enjoy having centre stage, you do naturally attract attention because of your confidence.

With Leo, you are both confident personalities and you’re willing to try new things. Being shy or afraid will never hold you back. Finding a Leo partner means you’ll find a match who wants to explore the wider world by your side rather than staying behind.

Aries and Sagittarius have very independent views on how the world works. Their admirable independence will invite the other to try new things and be willing to listen to new ideas.


Virgo and Capricorn best match

Taurus naturally have a good head for finance, making them a secure life partner and foundation for a new family.

Taurus and Virgo are two earth signs that have lots in common making this a positive partnership. With a Virgo, you two won’t struggle from miscommunication because you will always be able to tell what the other is thinking. You’re both on the same wavelength.

Again, Capricorns and Taurus have attuned personalities making them a complementary pair. However, at times of financial difficulty they are prone to arguing but by working together they can find a solution to their problems.


Libra and Aquarius best match

As an air sign, Gemini is very open-minded. They’re open to new ideas and appreciate intellectual conversations.

Geminis find a common intellectual connection with Libra. This common desire to learn will encourage you both to explore new places and visit cultural places to better your knowledge. Discussion will keep these two star signs talking and always have something interesting to say.

Aquarius’ adventurous personality will always surprise you so your relationship will never get dull.

Gemini star sign


Scorpio and Pisces best match

Cancer is one of the most caring and tender star signs in the bunch. This means having a family to nurture is very important to you and you require a partner who complements your caring personality.

Scorpio has a hard time opening up but Cancer has the ability of knocking through that protective shield. Getting to know each other creates a very strong and intimate partnership. As Scorpios have a habit of getting jealous, this can cause issues if Cancer doesn’t give them assurance.

Cancer and Pisces are two water signs making them a perfect match. They are attuned to each other’s needs and they’re able to create a peaceful home life for their family.


Aries and Sagittarius best match

The charismatic Leo likes to be centre of attention and they’re very passionate about their ideals. Their bold personality can cause them to clash with many different star signs so compatibility is vital to a successful relationship.

Both, Aries and Leo have a fiery personality and while this might cause them to conflict, they are also a very passionate pair. You won’t get bored with an Aries.

The best horoscope match for Leo is with Sagittarius. Their ideals are often compatible and Sagittarius has the ability to invite Leo to be more open about their feelings, making their relationship stronger.

leo star sign


Taurus and Capricorn best match

Virgo’s desire to learn more makes them an ambitious partner. They work towards perfection and can be quite fussy about the little details. These two attributes can be annoying for some, while for others they’re admirable traits.

Virgo is naturally drawn toward Taurus’ for their drive for protecting family values. Taurus respects Virgo’s ambitious drive and will help them along their road to success.

Capricorn and Virgo have a common attribute in that they both want to work towards perfection. Even the little things matter to them and in their relationship, they will always be willing to go the extra mile to impress and show their love.


Aquarius and Gemini best match

As an air sign, Libra values having a peaceful balance in life and they prefer having order.

Aquarius and Libra will have a rich social life and Aquarius will encourage Libra to try new things, creating a rich and adventurous relationship.

Gemini is Libra’s best compatibility match on a personality and intellectual level. They can talk for hours and have something interesting to say.


Pisces and Cancer best match

Quite a raw personality, Scorpio’s brashness can cause conflict but it can also attract.

Scorpio and Pisces are rather different in nature but in this case it complements each other. Pisces’ calm personality will let Scorpio take the lead in their relationship.

As Scorpio can get jealous, Cancer’s natural awareness will help them assure you that you’re their soul mate. But you need to get your jealousy under control otherwise it can cause dangerous conflicts to rise.

Scorpio star sign


Leo and Aquarius best match

Sagittarius can get fiery when pushed to the limit but their honesty is what makes them a compatible partner for most star signs.

Aquarius and Sagittarius have a common desire to find a new change in life and want to try something new.

Sagittarius star sign


Taurus and Virgo best match

The love of  a Capricorn grows stronger with time and their relationships never grow old. You value perfection but you don’t have a career or life plan which can be irritating to some.

Because of your desire for perfection and attention for little details, you and Virgo have a lot in common and your personality habits are appreciated.

As Taurus is family-orientated and has a strong focus on the future ahead, they have the ability to tame Capricorn’s free nature and create a profitable partnership.


Sagittarius and Gemini best match

Adventurous Aquarius has a habit of attracting many potential life partners but they need to find the personalities that are most compatible to their needs or Aquarius will struggle to settle down.

As Sagittarius and Aquarius are an adventurous pair, it makes them a compatible couple, they will always be looking for fun and exciting things to do. You’ll never get bored.

Gemini’s openness to new experiences means Aquarius will never need to hold back and can be themselves. However they need to make sure they don’t push Gemini beyond their limits.


Cancer and Scorpio best match

Pisces is very generous but this generosity can be abused by the more selfish star signs. They need to find a partner who will appreciate this attribute and ensure others don’t take advantage of Pisces’ good nature.

Cancer and Pisces are on a similar wavelength when it comes to their personal views. You won’t see many rows between this pairing.

On paper, Pisces and Scorpio may not seem like a positive match but Scorpio’s protective nature will keep Pisces from being selfishly abused and Pisces will ensure Scorpio is rewarded and valued in return.


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