Keep the dark days of winter bright!

The days are now short and the nights longer. Winter is with us and with it the weather tests our resolve. Many of us will enjoy the change of seasons and the thought of snuggling up at home, feet up on the sofa , with a nice TV programme or book. However, the winter can be long and test our levels of motivation. Don’t let winter get you down. Let the positives continue to bring brightness to your day. Here are a few pointers to help each day be the best it can be.

Start the day well.

It’s cozy in bed – warm , secure and comforting. The thought of getting up fills you with dread. Too much to do, it’s raining, it’s still dark…..! We all feel this way on occasion. The best way to cope with it is to start – start the day no matter how hard it feels. Having a routine and sticking to it will help. We all like a bit of routine. The more we keep busy , the more we achieve and the more we feel rewarded.

start your day with a positive stretch

Make your bed!

Do you sometimes start the day and forget to make your bed? Do you leave it until later in the day or just before you get back into bed in the evening? To make your bed and tidy your bedroom first thing in the morning helps clear the mind and set a timeline between your resting time and the beginning of your brand new day.

Make a “to do” list.

Write down a list of things you are going to get done today. If you don’t write the list down make a list in your head. When you achieve an item on your list take time and pleasure in crossing it off your list. You will be rewarded with a sense of achievement each time you do this and it will motivate you to get everything on your list done.

Go outside

No matter what the weather try to get outside every day if you can. Even if it is blowing horizontally with constant rain try to spend time each day outside. Your reward is the sense of wellbeing when you return to your cozy nest and have a nice cup of tea.

Connect with those you love.

Take time each day to connect with those you love. Telephone, text , letter etc  etc – it doesn’t matter just as long as you connect in some way. This can mean just mentally spending time each day thinking of those you love and feeding off the warmth this brings.

Reward yourself.

At the end of a hard day remember to reward yourself. You have had a good day and deserve some “you” time. Feel pride in your achievements and the hurdles you have crossed today. If you havn’t finished everything on your list do not punish yourself. You have done your best and that is all you can expect. Get into your well made bed and drift off into your world of dreams.

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Love is Light xx






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