That time of year has come and gone again with a heady mix of celebrations , holidays , reflection , sadness , loneliness , friendship , joy – maybe even some stress!. The old year takes it’s leave and a New Year dawns. Many of us may be wondering where the time went – our lives seemingly flashing past us faster than we want. Often this is a time when people will reflect on the past year and look forward towards the new with mixed emotions. We will have had ups and downs during 2015 and hopefully take this time to digest what we have learnt and use that knowledge in the months  and years to come.

This is also often a time of the year when we choose to make resolutions about areas of our lives that we want to change or focus on. This can have many positive effects on the way we live. We can see this time as the catalyst for these changes.

you can do it

What resolutions have you made this New Year?

  • I will do more exercise
  • I am going to cut back on chocolate!
  • I am going to contact old friends
  • I am going to get that new job
  • I am going to take more “me” time

A word of warning however – because the list is endless we may get carried away and make too many resolutions for the New Year. The problem with this is that we may then find it very difficult to stick to or achieve our resolutions. With this apparent failure will come feelings of guilt that we have not achieved what we set out to do.

Be realistic

Resolutions for the New Year can be a very positive way to kick start you year but be realistic in your choice of resolutions. Choose one or two resolutions that you passionately and realistically want to achieve in the coming months or year. Try to make resolutions that will have a positive impact on both your physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Use your resolutions as targets to aim for, goals to achieve. You do not have to fly straight to this target, or indeed hit it bang in the middle, as long as you always keep it in sight. Remind yourself regularly of your resolution and the reason you chose to make it.

Don’t let your resolution backfire.

Don’t allow your resolution to get the better of you! Make it as a goal to achieve in your life but not at the expense of everything else. You have laid out your resolution as your firm intention for the future but allow room to adapt and change as time passes. What was realistic when you made the resolution may become unrealistic in time. Allow for changes in your circumstances and adapt your goals accordingly.

Use resolutions throughout the year.

People often make New Years resolution as it is the end of one year and a new beginning with the new dawn. It feels an appropriate time to make changes for the better. It can be, however, be a great tool to use throughout the year to help you achieve your goals. Why not make a new resolution each month of the year? A resolution can help to give you something to aim for, a target to hit, a focus of your energies.

Try making a resolution today and see where it leads you!

Anything is possible.

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