A day in the life of a Psychic reader

Many of you have asked how our psychic readers work so we thought we would ask one of our psychics to tell you a little bit about their typical day. Psychic Andi (pin 1100) is one of our very popular psychics and has agreed to give us a flavour of his working day.

I normally wake up at around 7am – I don’t have an alarm clock as I have a very good internal clock and am a creature of habit – my body clock does the work for me. Before I do anything else I always have a glass of water to kick start my motors and refresh my mind from the nights slumber and dreams.

Breakfast is a really important time for me before I start the day’s work. I try not to rush this time of day as I find that my routine sets me up for the rest of the day. If I start the day in a rush it is often reflected in the rest of the day and I am not at my best. Breakfast is simple food and I try to keep it as healthy as possible. I also like –when the weather allows me – to go outside with my cup of tea. This is a time for me when I spend a little time counting my blessings, reflecting on the previous day and looking forward to the day ahead.

Most days before I settle down to take psychic readings I try to go out for a walk. I live in the countryside and love to walk around the lovely footpaths and lanes around where I live. I have a golden retriever who joins me. This is probably my favourite time of day when the world around me is coming to life and the prospect of the day energizes me with positive energy.

I try to be back at my desk by 9am when I start to give psychic readings. I have a great variety of people who call me throughout the day. Many of those who call have been regular callers to my number for some time, whilst others are first time callers.

I love the variety that the days offer. Everybody is so unique that no two psychic readings are the same. I generally work for about two and a half hours in the morning and the same in the afternoon. Giving psychic readings can be mentally tiring so I find it important for me to have a good two hour break over lunchtime to recharge and get ready for the afternoon.

I take the calls from a small room at the top of my house. I don’t have much in the room as I find this helps me to concentrate on the call without too many distractions. I have a pen and paper to hand for all calls as often it is helpful in my readings in interpreting what I am feeling and seeing.

I am often asked whether I find my job a bit lonely as I work on my own throughout the day. The answer is that I feel very connected and far from being lonely. I am connecting with people from all around the world all day. The most satisfying part of giving readings is the connections that are made and the positive energy that flows between myself and the callers. I am energized by the vibrations. The only frustration can happen when a strong connection does not happen. As with everything, this can occasionally happen and it can be really disappointing for me as well as the caller. I have learnt to accept that this can happen and not fight the feeling. If you try to force connections you start to cloud your mind and follow false paths that present themselves.

When I have finished for the afternoon I will often go for another walk to relax and recap on the day of readings. My favourite evenings are spent in the company of my dog and close friends with nice, simple, delicious food at home.

I feel very blessed that I have this way of life. Giving telephone psychic readings suits my character. I am able to connect with so many people through my readings that I find it a privilege to be able to do this work. No two days are the same , no two callers are the same. Our journeys through life are very short – I feel very lucky to share a small bit of my journey with so many.

Love is Light xx

We have experienced psychic readers available throughout the day and night by telephone. Many of them will have similar stories to Andi. The depth and breadth of their experience enables them to deliver great telephone psychic readings. To contact them simply telephone : 02071116412 to pay by card or alternatievely pay by phone . From the comfort of your own home you can call one of our psychics for a memorable psychic reading right now. Take care





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