The benefits of a well-made bed! : Phone psychic Andi explains more

Each day is brand new and with that comes the opportunity to make great change - great change to ourselves and those around us. But great things can only be achieved if we first get the little things right.

Our first task of the day should always be to make our bed – a little task to start the day and set us on our way. This task will then be followed by another task, and then another and then another………By the end of the day we will find that we have achieved a lot. When we have mastered the little tasks we will then, and only then, be able to achieve great tasks.

We all have days that are bad, that don’t go the way we wanted, that bring us down and give us a feeling of despair. We are all alike in this and share a common experience. But the knowledge that we are not alone in this gives us the shared strength to make the next day better. We come home at the end of a bad day to a bed that is made. A bed that we made – a task that we achieved which brings with it the positive hope that tomorrow will be better.

As a psychic reader I am blessed to be able to share amazing moments with amazing people every day. I know that I am privileged to do the work I do, giving psychic readings every day. So why do I sometimes have bad days – why can’t everyday be good? Well , we all know that this never happens. We are all humans sharing our lives with millions of others. The dark times enable us to fully appreciate the light. Life would not be what it is without the darker times.

So I know , even on those dark days, that I will be going home to sleep and recharge in my bed that is made and ready for me. The task I achieved that morning reminds me that same evening of the hope of the coming day. I know I can make a change , I know I can make a difference. I go to sleep tired and hopeful that I can make tomorrow better. Better not only for me but for those I come into contact with. I will get up the next day and before anything else I will make my bed hopeful that my many little tasks that day will achieve great things.!!

Psychic Andi (1100)

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