Am I Psychic?

Have you ever wondered if you have Psychic abilities? Do you keep getting the sensation of “déjà vu” and can’t explain it? Do you find yourself connecting immediately with someone you meet for the first time? Throughout our lives we experience many things that defy logic, that can’t be explained by modern science. Things that happen as if they have happened before.  

Have you ever said to yourself  :

“I knew that was going to happen.”

You may be walking down the street in a crowd of people when someone trips and nearly falls in front of you. At the time you were deep in your own thoughts but as soon as it happens you realize that you had seen that event happen before it actually did.

If you experience similar things to this on a regular basis the chances are that you already have a developed psychic ability. We are all born with an inner psychic intuition but few of us have the opportunity to develop and enhance our gifts.

Why, when I am thinking of a close friend or family member, do they always seem to call me?

This is a good example of your psychic ability or sixth sense. Because of your natural clairsentient abilities you are able to instinctively align yourself with the energies of those close to you. You are thinking of them at the very moment they call you because you are subconsciously aware that their energies are focusing towards you. Similarly you may experience a strong desire to contact someone in your life for no apparent reason. When you do contact them it turns out they were reaching out to you – they may have been ill or have some other need. Their energy flow had again influenced your actions instinctively.

I find that people in my life often turn to me for advice?

Everyone needs guidance off others at some point in their lives however if you are the person that people instinctively turn to it is very likely this is in part because of your natural psychic abilities. When people turn to someone for help they are often searching for the right direction to take to shape their futures. People will naturally turn to you because you give advice that leads them down the correct path in life. This highlights your psychic ability to see the future path of those that seek your advice.

I sometimes visit a place for the first time and feel like I have been there before – why is this?

Again , this is a good example of your ability to connect and respond to the life forces and energies around you. You are either experiencing the residual energies of someone close to you who may have visited the same place or you are experiencing memories and influences from another life.

People seem to be attracted to me even when they don’t know I am there!

Bizarre – but true! A good example of this happening is when you are walking amongst a crowd of people – for example down your High Street. As you walk to one side to overtake someone who is walking in the same direction as you they suddenly change direction into your path. They are drawn to you even though you are behind them at the time. It can be really frustrating to walk the length of a street to have many of the people apparently walking right in front of you! This is not because they are deliberately trying to get in your way but simply because they are instinctively drawn to you even though they don’t know you are there. Your psychic energies are so developed that many will be drawn to them without knowing.

Many of us have experienced similar things throughout our lives. They are signs of our natural psychic ability. Whether we choose to develop these abilities is up to us. If it is your wish to develop them further a good starting point is to listen very carefully to these events when they are happening. Focus on what you are feeling and what is happening around you. Learn to relax your mind in the moment to allow your natural connections to form. It is always important in life to trust your intuition.

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If you feel you are psychic and would like to maybe pursue your talents further why not get in touch with us. We are always looking for new and talented psychic readers. If you do not have mych experience we would still love to hear from you to chat through your skills and to help you develop them further.

have fun with your instinctive talents - who knows perhaps you will soon be a member of our skilled and amazing psychic readers team!!

Love is Light xx






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