5 ways to make sure you get genuine psychic readings

Having a psychic reading can be a very profound and personal experience. A good reading can help to guide us in our journey through life and enable us to make the most of every moment ahead. Millions of people have turned to psychics over the generations in their quest to find answers to many of the questions that life poses. Whatever people’s reasons for calling a psychic it is essential that they feel confident that they are receiving genuine psychic readings from experienced and empathetic psychics.

So what questions should you be asking before you speak to a psychic reader? How can you know that you are speaking to a genuine psychic and thereby trust the reading you receive?

Here are five things you can do to try to help you find fantastic psychic readers who can deliver genuine psychic readings.

  •  Try to speak to others who have had amazing psychic readings before

As with a lot of things in life it is great to get a recommendation from someone who has done it before. Where possible try to speak to people you know who may have had a psychic reading before. Ask them about their own experiences and whether they have had any great readings. If you are able to get a recommendation from a friend you are well on your way to finding a great genuine psychic reading you can trust. As in many areas of life if you can get a positive recommendation off someone you trust you have reduced greatly your chances of being disappointed.

  •  Take your time before choosing a psychic

Try not to rush into having a reading with the first psychic that you find. You may have seen them advertising their services on your local high street or via the internet on a webpage. Wherever you first saw them it is a good idea to take your time about deciding whether they are right for you. Do your research on all the available options there are to having a psychic reading. Take time, wherever possible, to speak to the psychic or company beforehand to ask how they work, what their charges are and what experience they have. Satisfy yourself that they are the genuine article before having a reading.

  •  Don’t be afraid to ask the psychic questions about their experience

Similar to the second point above try to take you time to research the psychic readers that you have found. If they are advertising their services on the internet you should be able to find information about the psychic readers and their experience and areas of expertise. Similarly if the psychic reader is doing live face to face readings near to you try to speak to them before committing to a reading to satisfy yourself that they are genuine, empathetic and someone that you can relate to. This last point is valuable as it is important that you can relax with whichever psychic reader you choose as the reading will often be helped if both parties are relaxed, open, honest and trusting of each other.

  •  Take notes during your reading

Once you have chosen a psychic reader and have decided to have a reading it is important that you take notes during the reading. During your reading you will receive a lot of information. It is possible that some of that information may not at first appear to be clear and relevant to you. It is, however, very important that you remember everything you were told as much of that information should start to fall into place with the passage of time. By referring back to your notes after the reading you should be able to connect what you were told with events as they happen in your life. Keeping notes enables you to be clear on what you were told by the psychic –you can refer back at any time to that reading to confirm how things have unfolded. By doing this you will be able to reaffirm that the reading you received was from a genuine gifted psychic who you can trust for any future readings you may want.

  •  Trust your instincts

This final point is probably the most important of all and one that you must learn to trust entirely. In the modern world we have, in many ways, become lazy at using our natural instincts that, when properly used, are the most powerful of nature’s gifts. Throughout our daily lives we are influenced by advertising, social media and the marketing power of global business to buy products that we may not otherwise have instinctively selected. We may feel that the choice was ours however often this will not be ultimately the case. Therefore, when you are trying to find a great psychic to give you a fantastic, genuine psychic reading you must trust you instinct. Take your time to see who is available,  research as much as possible about that psychic, ask any questions you may have and then finally, but most importantly, follow your instincts.

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By following these 5 points we believe that you will be well on your way to finding a psychic you can trust. All of our psychics have been hand selected to help ensure that they have the experience, empathy and skills to deliver quality psychic readings. If you have any questions for us before you make a choice of who to speak to then feel free to contact us on : 0207 111 6412 or email us at hello@psychicwaters.com. To find out a little bit more about any of our psychics simply click her to go to Our Psychics Page.

Good luck in your search to find your perfect psychic reader.

Love is Light xx


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